Hi, I'm

Maximilian Schönenberg

I'm a passionate Developer and Software Architect with a strong technical skill set. My expertise lies in Backend Software Architecture and Cloud Infrastructure. Currently I have a particular focus on Data Spaces and Data Sovereignty.

My journey in programming began at the age of 11 when I discovered the wonders of software development on my school-issued TI Voyage 200 graphical calculator. Since then, I have been continuously honing my skills in building innovative software solutions. After completing my high school diploma (Abitur), I pursued a Dual Study Program in Computer Science, which provided me with a solid foundation in the field. Following my successful graduation, I gained valuable experience as a Software Engineer for two years before embarking on a Master's program in Software Engineering & Internet Computing at the Vienna University of Technology.

Currently, I am actively engaged as a freelancer, working on diverse projects. However, I am open to new opportunities and would be delighted to discuss potential collaborations. If you have any inquiries or would like to explore working together, please feel free to reach out to me. See my Contact page for more information on how to contact me.